Spent the Day Pretending to Be Rich

My boss got called out of town this week and so I have sort of been doing some of the stuff he needs done. In fact he has made me sort of his personal assistant, one because I did not have a lot of other stuff to do and two because he trusts me to do what he says and not gossip. I spent the day doing the VIP tour at some highline residences in Kim Tian. Spent the day pretending to be rich because it seemed like the thing to do at the exact moment that I was there. Of course the boss is thinking about moving to this place, but it is more likely that he has a girl he is going to put up in this place. It is a very nice place and they give you the champagne and the fancy finger foods when they give you the VIP tour. Of course I was dressed up real nice because I had just come from an important meeting.

Of course it was not without reason that I decided to act like a big shot. These guys who are selling this high price real estate know who their market is, it is middle aged (or older) business men. So the real estate is usually shown to them by a beautiful woman in their mid twenties. Of course the more successful ones manage to let the guy have the idea that he might have a chance with her. This girl was completely gorgeous and if she was not flirting me with, then she was doing something wrong. I knew what her game was, but I was not in a position where I had anything to lose and it was a whole lot of fun to see how committed she was to the sale.