Planning a Move to Lawrence Kansas

THE SENTINEL: A National Disgrace: Insurance Companies Profiting On ...I have began to think about going back to Kansas after an old associate of mine offered me a high level position with the company that he is managing right now. We go back a long ways, almost to High School and I have proven that he could trust me. That seems to be the highest priority for him. It is not going to be simple. For the past four and a half years I have been settled in Goose Creek, South Carolina which is a town on the Charleston Harbor. I would need to shop for nationwide moving companies and I would have to settle a lot of things here before I could move too. For one thing I have a 20 foot sailboat I bought as a wreck and fixed up, Here I am literally within walking distance of the Harbor, although I keep the boat at a Marina about two and a half miles away. It is a great hobby for me and my boys love it.