I Wanted an Unmanaged VPS Service

When I decided to go from a shared hosting to VPS hosting, I did not waste any time in deciding which one to use. There are quite a few companies that are offering this kind of service, so I went to one of my favorite tech sites, knowing that they would have the details on which of the unmanaged VPS services are best for a company like mine. I was not disappointed either. I asked on this tech company’s message board, and quite a few of the forum members all told me to check out VPS Dime.

I had heard about them, and they were actually one of the companies I was going to check out if there were too many suggestions made. Since the majority suggested them, I just went right to their website to see what they are all about. I was happy with everything I saw there. They had all of the details of their VPS hosting services right there on the website, and they also had an extensive FAQ section to answer even more questions, including ones on billing and technical specs. What really impressed me the most is when they went on to explain why they are among the top providers of this kind of service.

They had nearly a dozen reasons why they are the top, and I read every single one of them. I liked that they are strict when it comes to unsavory actions, because I know that some companies will turn a blind eye to this. It is draining their resources though as well as their reputation, so I was glad that VPS Dime did not allow this. I also like that they are prepared for the peak usage times. I know that not all companies are, and that is all it took for me to go with them. I’ve not been disappointed once in this decision!