I Negotiated to Get a New Roof

I knew I was driving my real estate agent a bit crazy. Every time she thought she had found the perfect house for me, I found at least a dozen things wrong with it. I didn’t like being this way, but I was not going to invest in a home that I was not happy with. When she showed me another one, she was prepared for anything but what I told her. I really liked everything about it, even though I knew I would need to hire a roofing contractor in manhattan ny because the roof was not in the best of shape.

I didn’t mind that though, because I knew it would give me room to negotiate a better price. The owner was willing to take a small chunk off the price, so I knew that I would be able to have the roof replaced at no real cost to myself. Since I was new to the area, I had no idea which contractor to go with. I decided to look online and just trust my hunches on the one that appealed to me. I found several, and each came out to give me an estimate.

I felt really comfortable with one in particular, so I was happy when his was one of the more reasonable quotes. He explained every aspect of the roofing job when he gave the quote, and I was happy that he didn’t treat me as if I didn’t know anything about it. I hired him, and his crew was able to get the new roof on before I moved in. The new roof makes the house look so much nicer, and I know I got the better end of the deal with my negotiations. The best part is that the roof is guaranteed should I have any problems with it.