Hacking for the Big Prize

A company started a contest for people to win a virtual reality headset. In order for people to win the contest they had to look on Snapchat to find clues. The clues would be deleted after 24 hours and if you missed them, then you would be out of luck. On one of the contest days, I missed a clue and had to hack Snapchat to figure out what clue was posted. I didn’t realize it was possible to hack Snapchat until one of my friends mentioned it. He told me that things that are posted on Snapchat can still be accessed, even though they appear to be gone. All it takes is the right hack to get inside.

Once all of the clues have been posted, I had to figure out how they could be pieced together. The clues were just part of one bigger puzzle that told the winner how they could claim the headset. I thought about every puzzle I had encountered in my life to try to figure out the clues, but none of them made sense. Then one day it finally hit me. The clues, when put together, were just a string of characters that made a website link.

I typed the website link into my web browser and it took me to the winning confirmation page. The page had a congratulatory message and a place for me to enter my home address, so the company could mail the headset to me. I was pretty lucky that no one else was able to figure out the clues before me. When it comes to contests like these, someone usually beats me to the punch. I really owe my friend for telling me about the hack, because without it I wouldn’t have been able to get the necessary clue to win.