Going Bald in My 20’s

Losing hair is the worst. Already I’ve lost more than half my hair and I’m only in my mid twenties. Genetics, it seems, is a cruel mistress and a worse prankster. Guys like me with whatever combination of facial features that I happen to have just don’t look good bald. Seriously. My ears look lopsided. My whole head looks like an overly shiny beacon that would be more appropriate floating out in the bay or on a landing strip guiding planes in the night. It’s terrible. Even with this scalp treatment in Singapore that I flew out to have, my hair is stubbornly refusing to grow back in the slightest.

I can’t remember a time when I have been so depressed. The guys at the clinics, Doctors I’m hoping, said that I’ll have to come back for several more treatments in order to see the most benefit. That’s a lot of money that I’m willing to spend to have my hair back but I’m still afraid that I actually won’t be able to see any improvement! Yet, I guess it’s going to be worth it if it does actually succeed. I’ve seen and met others who have had it work for them, so why wouldn’t it for me?

You would go through all of this too if you were a single guy in his 20’s. It’s hard enough to try and get dates as a guy with a full head of hair. Trying being the guy that’s already bald! Women in my age bracket are most turned off by three things: Obesity, bad teeth and baldness. Baldness is probably one of the worst masculine traits that a guy can have. It makes you appear to be less virile, less fertile and therefore completely less appealing to females. It’s the worst.