FInished Building My New Computer

I finally finished building my new computer, although it took me a bit longer than I expect. I messed up when I put in the motherboard and so I had to do that over again, but first I had to get them to replace the motherboard. After I got it together, it really was a lot faster than the old computer. The big thing was getting my accounts transferred I ended losing the password somehow and had to get it reset with an email from That really did not take that long, but then I had to try to get the computer set up for all of the stuff that I do on a daily basis. There are a lot of software on my old box that I no longer have the codes for and so I can not really transfer them to the new machine. I have been searching through my home office for all of that sort of thing. I found all sorts of things I had forgotten all about.

The computer really works great and I did not spend all that much money on it when all things are considered. The funny thing is that if you went and bought a machine with the same specifications, it would probably cost around three times as much. In fact you can buy a new computer, but they are often going to contain inferior components. The big companies are looking to nickel and dime you all of the time and they will sell you a box that has bad stuff in it. They really do not care about giving you something that is worth the money that you give them. Instead it is all about trying to separate as much money from the customer as they can get away with.