Doing Some Promotion Work Lately

I am not going to claim that I know what I am doing, but I have sort of gotten a job as the manager of a local rock band. That is not really the right way to phrase what I do, but I am doing some stuff that I really never thought about. Most of what I do is to go around and try to book the band in night clubs. I have also been working to get us a presence on Social Media. It is obvious that you want to use it. I had to visit to see what that was about, but after a bit I could not figure out how to really do much on Vine that was going to be all that great for this. We are a band and we need to have the music promote itself, the thing is to give the people a chance to hear the music and you should be okay about it. That is what it is all about as they say.

Promoting the music is what the social media needs to be about. I have figured out how to do this with most of the platforms, although it does not seem as though twitter is all that well suited to the scheme that I have. It is hard to be able to do much more than point people to other places in that small of a number of characters. We have a soundcloud page though and a facebook page, both of which are linked to free downloads on the band’s page. For now we are not even going to think about trying to sell music. It is not there yet. If we are going to make it we have to be able to do it live and on stage.