Started Trying to Get a Little Definition

I mean that I am trying to get cut, or to get muscle definition. I do not want to look like a freak show who could win one of those body bulding contests. Instead I would like to walk on to the beach with no shirt on and let the girls think I might be a pro athlete. I was looking at this stuff that they call somatodrol and this is what it is supposed to do, but I do not think I can really trust the guys who sell this stuff or the marketing campaign they have out on it. They have you believe it works great I am sure and if you go on to the fitness forums you can find guys talking about it who claim that it really did the trick for them. However when you look closely at what is being written you start to think that it is likely a plant job. That happens a lot on those forums, where people who are trying to sell stuff pretend that they are a guy who tried it and give it the ringing endorsement.

I am working out like this right now. I get up in the morning and on most days I either run or I jump rope. It depends on how nice it is and how my knees are feeling. I do not run when my knees feel bad. I can get the same work out with a jump rope in the garage and I use a mat which reduces the vibration. I try to do five miles if I run, but on the weekends I might do two runs. At any rate I am lifting every other day, mostly with a free bar. I have a pretty nice set of adjustable dumb bells too.